PIAA 910 Touring 2 Lamp Kit: 73910

$379.95 $279.95
  • PIAA 910 Touring  2 Lamp Kit PN 73910
  • This is the same housing we have all loved for years, but now with Extreme White Technology.
  • Bulb Type H3 85W=130W
  • Features Black Die-Cast Aluminum Housing and Glass Lens
  • Kit Includes Wiring Harness, Relay and Switch

This kit is the most popular motorcycle lighting kit for sport touring and long distance riders.  The PIAA 73910 is balanced between the long distance Cross Country HID kit and the wide angle, light up the shoulders PIAA 1100X.


Detailed Product Description:

The PIAA 910's can be installed several different ways.

The PIAA 910's come complete with wiring harness, Relay, Waterproof switch and full instructions.

Shown with brackets that are not included

This is the 910's using a BLM mount.

No cutting of the plastic is needed.

The bracket uses the vent above the mirror.                                                                                                                                                                                   


This install uses the ST1300 Dick Seng mounts.

This will require a small amount of cutting the plastic mirror covers,

The full instructions are available at  http://koczarski.com/Motorcycles/ST1300/PIAAs/PIAAs.htm


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